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You can also support me by buying my book The Optimized Cooking Lifestyle (not simrace related). I receive around $2 royalty.

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Why support

Hi! I am Maurice van der Star, the founder and maintainer of Simresults (website and open-source PHP library).

The project is focussed on quality having a single codebase to parse many race logs from different simulators in a well tested environment (using BDD/TDD and integration tests). The goal is a stable platform which can be maintained for years.

Working on the project takes quite some time. My time is scarce and the project is mainly being maintained for bugs and new simulators. But I am eager to create a full-blown community league website someday. I have some ideas for this, which will benefit the open-source code too. I am always dreaming of the possibility to work somewhat parttime on the project. Which is currently not realistic regarding funds. But it is still something I would love to do.

Sponsoring the project means investing into the simrace community as a whole, since the the most important part of the project is open-source. If anything ever happens to me, someone else could continue the work with little effort.

If you run a website that uses the open-source library and it generates revenue, it would makes sense to sponsor this project which ensures that your product stays functioning in the future.

As an individual user you are also welcome to sponsor. Which at some point will generate possibilities of new features in the future. You will also be of great help to cover hosting costs. Currently I have 50GB of log files (crazy right!).

Thanks for all the support and thank you's I received the last couple years. This really made me proud to provide you and your friends with a working product and sharing the code.

Sponsor tier information is available at my sponsor page.