Simresults is a website and so called results log viewer, parser, converter, analyzer and reader for most of your favorite sims.

This website allows you to upload your sim race log files and transform them to a readable format. The results will be saved and public, so you can share them with your fellow racers. An example result can be found for rFactor 2.

Simresults supports a wide range of games. It is designed to support more games in the future (if they produce log files).

The core of Simresults is open-sourced software licensed under the ISC license and available at GitHub.

The project is created (2013) and maintained by Maurice van der Star.

(Old) Threads for discussion are located at RF2 forums, AC forums and PC forums.

Start uploading on the homepage.


Please consider donating (see sponsor tiers here) to cover hosting costs and any future development.

You can also support me by buying my book The Optimized Cooking Lifestyle (I receive around $5 royalty).

This site contains advertisements to cover a portion of the costs. Simresults is open for advertising partners, please contact me. Sponsor tier information is available at the sponsor page.

Supported games

  • rFactor
  • rFactor 2
  • Project Cars
  • Project Cars 2
  • Assetto Corsa
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione
  • Automobilista
  • Automobilista 2
  • Game Stock Car 2012
  • Game Stock Car 2013
  • Game Stock Car Extreme
  • Formula Truck 2013
  • RACE
  • RACE 07
  • GTR
  • GTR2
  • GT Legends
  • RaceRoom Racing Experience
  • BMW M3 Challenge
  • F1 challenge 99-02

The following expansions of RACE (07) should work too:

  • Race: Caterham expansion
  • GTR Evolution
  • Crowne Plaza
  • STCC - The Game
  • STCC 2 - The Game
  • RACE On
  • Raceroom - The Game
  • Raceroom - The Game 2
  • Formula Raceroom
  • GT Power
  • WTCC 2010
  • Retro
  • Race Injection
  • Volvo - The Game

Please note that Game Stock Car and Formula Truck will be reported as as a rFactor game.

Results from F1 challenge and GTR might miss laps because they're missing in the files.


  • Can read out a full session consisting of the following information: Game, Server, Settings, Track, Participants/Drivers including swaps, Vehicle, Compound choice, Chats, Laps/Sectors, Fuel usage, Penalties and Incidents
  • Export results to a CSV sheet
  • Split results by vehicle class
  • Graphs
  • Discussing

Log file locations

The log files can be found on different paths:

rFactor 2 client


rFactor / Automobilista / GSC


Assetto Corsa Competizione

Path is unknown to me but this information will be updated soon

Assetto Corsa server JSON (recommended!)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Assetto Corsa Dedicated Server\server\results

Assetto Corsa server (recommended!)

Start your server using: `acserver.exe > output.txt 2> output.err`

WARNING: If you want clean results without practice results in between, restart your server before your event starts (backup any previous logs before overwriting!!!).

Assetto Corsa client

Documents\Assetto Corsa\out\race_out.json

WARNING: This file will be overridden for each game session.

Automobilista 2 server


Change "event: true" in sms_stat_config. You also need to modify some code in sms_stats.lua. More info on this thread at project cars forum.

Project CARS 2 server


Change "event: true" in sms_stat_config. You also need to modify some code in sms_stats.lua. More info on this thread at project cars forum.

Project CARS server (recommended!)


More info about this file at the project cars forum UserGuide.pdf.

Project CARS server (unofficial, old method)

Old method of getting results was using the tool pCarsResult that generates a log file through the Project Cars API that Simresults understands.

RaceRoom server (recommended!)


Other rFactor clients (GSC, RaceRoom, RACE 07, GTR, etc)


WARNING: Make sure you set this in your PLR profile file: Extra Stats="1". This makes sure you actually get proper results. Note that this might not work on some games.

Tech features (core library)

  • Ability to support more sim games in the future (if they produce log files)
  • Offers methods to get specific data, e.g. `getBestLap()` and `getBestLapBySector(<int>)`
  • Offers a Helper class to sort laps by time and format times to human readable format (`h:i:s.u`)
  • Detects and fixes position data (sometimes rFactor log files report complete wrong positions due to lag/bugs)
  • Detects human and AI drivers using their aids (sometimes rFactor log files report wrong driver state)
  • Caches heavy methods like `getLapsSortedBySector(<int>)`. This is very useful with endurance results that have 200+ laps
  • The API is unittested
The README can be found at GitHub.

Known issues rFactor 2 XML's

  • Sometimes complete drivers are missing from the results. If this happens, try getting someone else's result XML file and find the proper one. It can be frustrating, because sometimes other XML files have other drivers missing.
  • Sometimes drivers have no finish status, missing their lap, but they finished and have proper position mark. Don't be suprised when the winner is missing laps.

Issues below are fixed by the Simresults library.

  • Sometimes drivers have position 105 on laps. Proper position is found using previous data.
  • Sometimes drivers are marked position 1 while they are not. This is fixed using finish times.
  • Sometimes positions are really messed up, like position 1 fully missing. Drivers will be ranked using lap data.



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