Your privacy

Types of data I collect

  • Unaltered result files
    • Usernames
    • First names and last names
    • Server information
    • Race performance
  • Data on how you use Simresults (Analytics)

How I use your data

  • Showing results
  • Help me improve Simresults
  • I will not share your raw log files with anyone

Third parties who track you

  • Analytics: Google
  • Advertisements: Fanatec

I use cookies

  • I use only necessary technical cookies for proper function of the website
  • The third party service providers use cookies too, which they control

Know your rights

  • When uploading results, choose your privacy under Customize
  • Complain about the service
  • Be forgotten by Simresults
  • If you have any concerns about your privacy at Simresults, please email me at