Qualify result

Game Assetto Corsa
Session Qualification
Date 2020-06-28 09:34:07.2381515 -0700 PDT m=+0.043002400
Track ks_brands_hatch-indy
Pole Jennifer K (00:54.8050)
Max minutes 10080
Lasted laps 5
Host Avants Time Attack x:Q237ev
Allowed Vehicles lotus_elise_sc_s2
Pos Driver Vehicle Laps Best lap Gap
1 Jennifer K lotus_elise_sc_s2* 5 00:54.8050 -

Qualify laps

Bad lap, 107% rule compared to the overall best lap of the session. Excludes first lap for race sessions
Personal best lap/sector
Overall best lap/sector for a lap
Overall best lap/sector for a lap and personal best lap/sector
Overall best lap/sector
(P) Pit lap
Jump to: Jennifer K
Lap Vehicle Time Sector 1 Sector 2 Sector 3 Compound
Jennifer K
1 lotus_elise_sc_s2* 01:33.4350 - - - F:Jennifer King - R:Jennifer King
2 lotus_elise_sc_s2* 00:55.2600 - - - F:Jennifer King - R:Jennifer King
3 lotus_elise_sc_s2* 00:55.5660 - - - F:Jennifer King - R:Jennifer King
4 lotus_elise_sc_s2* 00:55.1880 - - - F:Jennifer King - R:Jennifer King
5 lotus_elise_sc_s2* 00:54.8050 - - - F:Jennifer King - R:Jennifer King

Qualify best laps

Overall top (20)
Driver Vehicle Time Gap
Jennifer K lotus_elise_sc_s2* 00:54.8050
Jennifer K lotus_elise_sc_s2* 00:55.1880 0.383
Jennifer K lotus_elise_sc_s2* 00:55.2600 0.455
Jennifer K lotus_elise_sc_s2* 00:55.5660 0.761
Jennifer K lotus_elise_sc_s2* 01:33.4350 38.63
Per driver
Driver Vehicle Time Gap
Jennifer K lotus_elise_sc_s2* 00:54.8050

Qualify consistency

Driver Vehicle Consistency
Jennifer K lotus_elise_sc_s2* 99.03% <> 0.533


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